Summer Shopping Spree Checklist!

summer tops ladies

Florals, cold shoulders and colorful embroidered tops for women – these mark the basics of any casual summer clothing wardrobe. Like leather jackets and boots are the most awaited trend for winters, every girl secretly awaits summers to be able to flaunt her Summer Top collection. The moment the season begins, so does the shopping spree.

In the day and time of fast fashion, a trend comes and goes in the blink of an eye. But some classics have stood the test of time.  So if you’re looking for trends to get you a head start on your summer shopping spree these are the ones to look out for:

1.Summer Says Floral! 
There is no time like summer to wear floral prints. It could be a simple A-line top or a sleeveless off shoulder, any girl’s closet is incomplete without floral prints. Just make sure you don’t pair floral casual western tops with another floral printed bottom. Too much floral is simply unappealing and border lining on tacky. But feel free to pair them with floral earrings and other small accessories.

2.Vivid Hues 
Try sticking to colors like white and sky blue for summer. These bright colors reflect the sunlight and don’t trap heat, keeping you cool and comfortable. You can also play with other vibrant colors like yellow, pink and orange. There is an eclectic range of Colorful embroidered tops for women available in these beautiful colors for you to choose from.  Pair them with white bottoms to color block the ensemble for a chic, sophisticated and well put together look.

3. Off Shoulders 
It’s time to let the shoulder free, summers are here. Experiment with one off shoulder, sleeveless off shoulders, peplum off shoulders and more to find your perfect look. The best thing about cold shoulders is you can completely change their look by pairing them with a different bottom. Put a cold shoulder with jeans and you’ve got yourself a casual look, with a pencil skirt you’ve got yourself a dressy look and with a sequin skirt for a party look. With such a huge variety at your disposal you have the luxury of being spoilt for choice.

Summer tops are inherently flowy in nature. As a golden rule of fashion, it is always wise to pair something flared with a garment of the contrasting fit. Pair these tops preferably with jeans, or pencil skirts. Avoid pleated or flared skirts and stick to fabrics like cotton and rayon. Once you have these pointers in check, you’re going to nail your summer shopping for 2017.


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