Colors For Dusky Beauties!

Dusky complexion? Well, women with dark complexion are the real beauties. However, most of you can’t decide on what colors to be chosen. If you are little afraid of choosing colors in your apparels, then this blog would reveal the best colors that will suit your personality.

Every color is beautiful, however, dark ladies are special, they need selective colors to enhance their beauty. Read on to unravel the colors for the dusky beauties as it’s time to embrace your natural complexion with enhancing colors! Here in this blog we are going to discuss colors that suit dusky skin.

Be An Angel in WHITE

You can wear any color you want, however, every color is not made for you. Always keep this in mind while selecting colors for yourself. White is surely for DARKS! Well, most of you don’t like adding white to your closet (due to the fact of being the color known for its brightness and purity), however white is the only color that can never let you down. It is a color that looks great on dark complexion as it creates a contrasting effect which enhances the beauty. This printed white looks good on you if you are heading for a cocktail party. Tip time!

Tip: Always make sure not to choose stark white especially in fabrics like polyester and lycra since they highlight your complexion for all the wrong reasons!

Go Bold in Black

Many women believe that dark skin shouldn’t wear dark colours. However, if you look at the present scenario of fashion world, dark on dark is the latest trend. Dusky divas, around the world, are experimenting with their looks with a dash of darkness. So look bold and beautiful in this black as it has become the most suitable colour for brown skin tone. Tip time!

Tip: Add silver tone jewellery to your black dress in order to augment the beauty of BLACK!


In a nutshell, all you dusky divas start to feel great about your skin tone. Wear the aforesaid colours and walk confidently to the events. Apart from the colors, you can also add some prints to your style. A wide range of monochrome printed dresses are trending these days, so if you want to consider these printed asymmetrical dress to your wardrobe, go for them as they will never fade down your fashion.


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